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Companion life services

We are a Companion Service that is helping seniors and those with special needs by providing constant supervision when in public and outside of the home.  We act as your eyes and ears, so tell us how our companion can best assist on both fun and medical outings.  We wait, we comfort, we keep safe and entertain while we take notes for you to stay informed.  

We are not a per mile business, we include the first 50 miles for all outings and most outings are under $100.  There is a 2 hour minimum and we have day trips and overnight travel options too.  Veterans are charged at a discounted rate.  Please call us with any questions.

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Elderly grandmother in wheelchair with granddaughter in spring nature.

The Sky's The Limit for outing types

Wheelchair outings include a companion the entire time

Wheelchair appointments can be on time.  Our outings are similar in price to non emergency medical transportation but with Wheelchair rides in Portland can be on time, believe it or not, and our companions stay the entire time to help with registration and even take notes.  Companion Life Services delivers daily the highest level of comfort and care in our great city and suburbs.

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Social Outings

Over 85% of our outings are for fun. Even errands around town are great to be out & enjoy some fresh air.

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Medical Outings

Please provide as much information as you can, please be accurate so we will be on time for your client.

Our Clients

Believe In Us To Deliver A Good Time

When we tell people what we do, they are typically surprised this service really exists.  

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