Companion Life Services Helps Portland’s Seniors and Disabled Have Fun and Get To All Appointments On Time

Our Story

How did we get started?

A Tale Of Similar Backgrounds

Companion Life Services is a simple story of friendship, my name is Terry and there is also my business partner Mike. Two friends with similar experiences of taking care of our mothers when time came for them to need help. It wasn’t even constant help, not-live in help. It was help taking them to a doctor’s appointment, help getting their hair done, or making them feel special with a night on the town. My mother had a rare form of cancer, her bones became very brittle and would break easily. I came up with enough money here and there to take her to some plays, we saw Showboat, Oklahoma and Annie. These plays and a few of my favorite Italian restaurants in Chicago too were truly magic. It seemed as though all her pain was temporarily gone, as she laughed and told me stories of her life, even before motherhood, before me. I watched her shine as she enjoyed our time together with me being present, all focus on each other, one on one.

This is what we try our best to provide for people here in Portland, OR and all of our wonderful suburbs. We have staff that compassionately provides a little focused attention, one on one. We have companions for getting out for some fun, or we are that helping hand at any appointment. We take notes at these appointments too. We provide pictures and receipts, we help people feel special even is it is just for a moment.