Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair services for fun and medical outings

We use wheelchair vans that allow the majority of wheelchair users to sit next to the driver, they feel more like passengers and not cheap cargo.

Throughout Portland our wheelchair companions do more than just pickup and drop off people at the front doors or just leave them in the lobby.  

(I currently take a woman who is so afraid I am going to leave her because Tri-Met Lift Left her stranded at a doctor’s office for over 3 hours waiting for her ride home – bless her soft sweet little voice

We are caring help designed to champion the day.  For what most places charge for a pickup and drop off service – we provide a companion that stays with everybody in their wheelchairs.  

Companions that help them, comfort them, laugh with them and are useful for our clients’ varying needs.  We can also attend the meetings and take notes that convey a Doctor’s messages back to those that need it.  

Client focused pickup that is on time and servicing the many memory care, assisted living centers, adult foster homes and even personal homes as needed.  

Most wheelchair outings are around $100 and we give 50 miles driving on all outings.  We do fun outings for social well being and we can be the ones to lean on at a doctor, dentist, or hospital visit.  



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